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Is Your Business Stuck with Bad Software?

From unsafe data to unhappy customers, bad software can be one of the most damaging factors for a business. 
Invest in reliable and stable software, tailormade for you business needs. Just fill up your details and we'll get in touch with you.

How we can help your business.


Process Automation


We can help you save a large amount of time by automating repititive tasks such as generating invoices and recording payments, so that growing your business becomes even easier!


If managing inventory is a hassle for you, automating it can not only make it easier, but also reduce the amount of errors and increase the response time for an order, giving a boost to your sales.


Automating sales and marketing not only gives you the ability to be visible 24/7, but also helps respond to leads with the right data at the right time, thereby optimizing your sales funnel.

Mobility & Internet


Mobile phones are your constant connection to your users. Having a mobile app for your business means users can do business with you anytime, anywhere. We know what ingredients make a great mobile app.


With the internet being ubiquitous, having a web app means anyone, anywhere in the world can do business with you. We can help you bring your business to the global audience in a secure and reliable way.


If you have a hardware business, you can upgrade your offering by providing internet connected hardware. We understand the protocols and security mechanisms required to bring your offering at par with the latest.  

Going Global


Thinking of going global? Payments are complex and accouting is difficult in multiple currencies. Having the right software for this job makes sure that you don't lose out on profits and your customers have a great experience.


Having a cloud enabled business is an asset in today's world. Having the right solution for utilizing the scalability and reliability that the cloud offers is necessary, so that you get what you paid for.


Data is the lifeline of any software today. Having efficient and strong encryption and data protection mechanisms ensures that your business runs smoothly, and your customers trust you.

Operational Efficiency


Having the right A.I. solution can hugely cut down on the decision making time. Machine Learning ensures that the computer learns from its mistakes. A comprehensive solution has both to exponentially increase efficiency.


Dashboard provide a visual overview of a large amount of data, so that you can instantly understand it. Dashboards help in identifying bottlenecks, errors and inefficiencies in your business early on. 


Do you wish to record your HR activities, or calculate salary bases on leaves taken, or print certain emails automatically? We can build any workflow for you inside your organisation, so that you never miss an opportunity.


Client Speak

“Resonics is a breath of fresh air! A team that finally delivers beyond expectations and go out of their way to ensure client satisfaction. Most importantly, they are headed by a couple of extremely capable people in Parth and Rohan. A firm that one can count on to deliver your tech needs!”

“If you want a software tool or product built and you are not sure whether it is possible then go to Resonics. They apply creativity to your ideas and combine it with efficient technology to build very impressive products. And they do this quickly and with good quality! You can depend on them.”

“We are delighted to mention our association with team Resonics as software developer team for our business needs. The expertise and attention to detail with which they handle the project is commendable. We have experienced their genuine interest and absolute integrity towards client's needs and preferences. We wish them many more successful years and aspire for our long term association with them!”


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Email: info@resonics-tec.com
Phone: +91  986 030 1982